Useful Websites that Provide Books Recommendations

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Do you consider yourself a bookworm? Are you in search of qualitative summer read? Or want to learn more about an issue you are passionate about? Many book lovers agree that they will always prefer physical books instead of e-books; however, it does not mean that they cannot create excellent digital libraries, as well. There are multiple ways to find book recommendations via the Internet, most of which are free and simple. Moreover, almost every book recommendation engine can provide users with more than just organizational and tracking tools. Such websites connect booklovers to entire communities of people who want to share their recommendations and engage in discussions of all those literary things.

Are you one of those passionate readers who are always in search of the new book to read? We have created a list of recourses perfect for people who cannot get enough of the literary world.

Choose Your Favorite Book Recommendations Engine

  1. Goodreads

This website is a world-known book discovery site and online booklovers community. You cannot call yourself a real bookworm if you do not have a Goodreads account. Here, you can track and rate books, take part in discussions, join reading groups, and even find friends who are constantly buzzing about news in the literary world. It must be noted that the website has a strong social media vibe, where some books generate millions of comments. Basically, this recourse is the Facebook of books.

  1. Whichbook

The uniqueness of this website is in the fact that it is not based on what you have already read or any particular genre. Here, the recommendation base on emotions and elements of the book. The resource provides a series of slider scales, including Funny-Serious, Optimistic-Bleak, Beautiful-Disgusting, Safe-Disturbing, etc. Additionally, the user can explore lists and writers or create his or her list. This website takes an original and fun approach.

  1. What Should I Read Next

What is great about this book recommendation website is that no account is required for signing in. All you should do is just typing in a book you like, and the resource will populate a list of similar books. Also, it provides the links to the Amazon page for each book. If you create an account, you can use an option of creating lists of books that you have already read or favorite ones for the site to base recommendations on. This resource has a streamlined interface, so it is elementary to use it.

  1. Riffle

Riffle is often called the Pinterest of books that actually has a similar feel. How does it work? The user indicates categories that he or she likes and enters several books he or she has read, and the site provides a suggestion of people to follow. During the further use of the resource, more lists can be added and shared. Although Riffle does not give specific book recommendations, it allows users to scroll through galleries of reading possibilities.

  1. Bookish

Here, you can get custom book recommendation only by entering several books you like or browse through various genres. It also provides great articles and writers’ interviews, book reviews and lists. Additionally, users can create their bookshelves on Bookish.

  1. BookLikes

It is the Poland-based multi-national website that brings something new to book discovery. It still incorporates similar features as Goodreads and also suggests users a greater scope by creating book blogs instead of profiles.

  1. Literary Hub

This website provides users with the easiest way of getting daily literary news. The authors of this resource describe it as “a central place for writers, publishers, books, bookstores, librarians, and readers to congregate and celebrate books and literary culture.” Simply put, you should look through it to get to know the latest news of the writing world.

  1. Amazon

If you are searching a particular book, the “Customers who bought this item also bought,” section often provides some great title offers. In other words, you can find here recommended books based on other books. The recommendations may be limited, but the advantage is that there are also well-written editorial reviews, customer reviews, and sampling. The website also provides an option to search by genre and view lists.

  1. BookBub

This resource is a godsend to people who prefer e-books to physical ones. It offers a book blog, discounted digital book website along with the free daily emails with notifications about discounts. You can easily customize it to get notifications about particular kinds of books.

  1. LibraryThing

The authors of this resource consider themselves as the biggest book club in the world. The website provides a virtual bookshelf option, helping users catalogue their books online. Additionally, readers can review books here, as well as join reading groups and participate in various discussions.

  1. Olmenta

This site is an excellent choice for those who do not want to register for accounts and create book lists. It simply recommends books basing on common popularity and the preferences of the people behind the website. Besides, users can browse different genres. It is simple and general, but it works well if you are just in search of some new book ideas.

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