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Everyone who is related to writing should have a toolbox. It can be filled with various gadgets and things designed to help the writer create a story. There are literal toolboxes filled with coffee, pieces of paper with plot outlines, and e-books with novels backed up on them. And there are also metaphorical toolboxes filled with characters’ portrayals, favorite quotations, and writing websites. Such websites are superb resources to save in the toolbox to jump out in times of writing devastation or doubts related to writing stages.

We have created a list of best websites for writers that can help you when you are looking for inspiration or any kind of assistance. Moreover, these websites are categorized for your convenience. Below, you will find everything you are looking for.

Websites for Writers with Creative Writing Advice

In the following blogs, you will find exact tips for implementing literary techniques that are designed to assist you in reaching success.

  1. NaNoWriMo

Its full name is The National Novel Writing Month blog, and here you can find inspirational articles posted throughout the whole year. You can come here when you feel stuck with writer’s block, and find effective pieces of advice on everything regarding writing, publishing, finding feedback, etc.

  1. Helping Writers Become Authors

The writer behind this blog is K.M. Weiland, an award-winning author who has created this blog to share tips on how to structure the story, how to create memorable characters, how to avoid general writing mistakes, and much more.

  1. Inklyo

It is a godsend for all the bloggers, authors, and businesspeople, as well as students. Here, great writing tips are presented along with inspirational posts, and some practical advice for honing your writing skills, finding work, and staying productive. For those who are in search of in-depth guidelines, this website suggests a wide range of courses and e-books designed to help anyone learn to manage any writing well.

  1. The Write Practice

Like some other creative writing websites, this one provides free and paid courses that help users develop their writing skills. Moreover, at The Write Practice, you can take part in contests for aspiring writers.

Writer's Lifestyle

If you are lucky to have some free time or feel that you need some short but productive break, consider looking through the following resources.

  1. Write to Done

This blog briefly and concisely outlines helpful topics for writers, such as how to treat imposter syndrome, how to recover from destructive criticism, and how to come up with a pen name.

  1. Well-Storied

The writer behind this blog is Kristen Kieffer, who fills it with something that every writer should know about. Well-Storied links authors with writing communities on social media, provides tutorials on Scrivener, and suggests free courses on plenty of subjects.

  1. Writers in the Storm

This recourse is created by a number of authors, each of which specializes in various genres. The blog is aimed to inspire authors and assist them in honing their skills. If you are facing any writing difficulties, you will highly estimate this website.


The best writing websites below are created to assist writers with marketing their books and creating blogging personas to communicate with their target audience in a more efficient way.

  1. Goins, Writer

Jeff Goins, one of most famous national best-selling authors, shares his experiences and thoughts on how to build an audience, how to succeed in writing, and how to engage a community in the modern age of social media.

  1. The Book Designer

Here, you will find practical tips on how to build better books, including pieces of advice on creating disclaimers, choosing platforms, and using social media.

  1. Angela Booth

The author behind this website is also a copywriter, ghostwriter, marketer, and writing coach. She shares clear and detailed articles that help writers improve book sales.

  1. Create If Writing

This blog is aimed to assist authors in building authentic platforms when they are seeking to sell their work. You will find useful advice in the articles and podcasts here.


The following best sites for writers offer writers all the required information about the publishing process.

  1. Jane Friedman

The creator of this blog has over 20 years of experience in the book publishing industry. Jane shares experience about both processes of writing and publishing.

  1. The Creative Penn

The website is created by USA Today and New York Times best-selling writer Joanna Penn and provides blog posts and other resources that have any concern to book writing, publishing, and marketing.

  1. Writers Helping Writers

Here, you will find tons of links to informative websites on publishing, marketing, and professional services for writers. Additionally, the site gives information on how to protect your work from scammers and online plagiarists.

Writing Inspiration/Prompts

The websites listed below are great for those who feel depleted and are looking for some inspiration or pieces of advice to get back to writing.

  1. Writing Prompts

Here, you will find new inspiring writing prompts every day. There are some focused on breaking through writer’s block, as well as the ones that concentrate on building characters or improving the author’s dialogue-writing skills

  1. Writer's Digest

This website includes useful information about all elements and aspects of writing. Every week, new articles are published here, and authors share their results in the comments section.

  1. Reedsy

Here, it is provided the list of more than 250 writing prompts to begin work on creative projects. It provides a great search filter to find prompts from a particular writing genre. You can also share your own experience and tips here.

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