Top 11 Self-Publishers for Beginning Authors

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Nowadays, self-publishing is becoming one of the most common means of publishing. We can see self-publishing books appearing on bestseller lists in many countries. Some of the world-known books of recent years started as self-published ones before being bought by big-name book publishing companies.

Due to self-publishing, you can take advantage of options and levels of control that are unavailable with traditional publishing. What is also great about it, that you will not receive any rejection letter or worry about deadlines. Once you have a great writing idea, you just write it.

Self-Publishing Companies

While everything may seem too easy, there are also some important things to consider. As a massive number of self-publishing companies exists now, you should know some of the most reliable ones to work with. Below, we have presented the top 11 recommended self-publishing firms for beginning writers.

Lulu has quickly become one of the known and successful self-publishing companies due to its careful and hard-working staff. The company is loved by its clients because of its attention to detail and a quick turnaround. The numbers talk for themselves: Lulu releases roughly about thousand new titles daily!

The thing that differs Lulu from other similar companies is that Lulu is a one-stop shop. Here, you can use editor’s, printer’s and illustrator’s services to totally your book.

Just because your book is published, does not necessarily mean it may get seen. This is where AuthorHouse comes into play. While providing a significant number of self-publishing options, this firm has massive selling reach. Their books are marketed through such websites like Amazon and the Barnes & Noble, so they have every chance to succeed. Therefore, you should definitely consider cooperation with this company, if the market reach is important to you.

Book Baby is one of the best self publishing platforms for the frugal authors as it offers likely the most affordable self-publishing packs anywhere. Additionally, they have an easy-to-use interface. So, if you cannot wait to rush your new book to the Amazon Bookstore while saving your money, look no further than this company.

This company’s design and marketing skills are excellent. Blurb publishes a huge variety of books, magazines, planners and leaflets, along with paperbacks and e-books. It is a multi-faceted self-publishing company that has a significant amount of traffic, and an affiliate program that provides authors with an opportunity to earn a commission every time someone else publishes a book.

KDP is recognized as the foremost one among all the self publishing services currently available. There is literally nothing this company cannot help you with in the book publishing. Additionally, it provides an option to update your book online – even after it has been already published. So, if you want to get into the hugest literary marketplace around, consider turning to KDP.

This website offers an abundance of professional tools that help authors to take their work to the next level. Here, you can get help with printing, publishing, and distributing your work. If you are a beginning author, you can get expert marketing guidance. Simply put, NotionPress makes it a bit easier for new writers to gain recognition.

This company’s top-notch interface is one of the best in this field. And, with multiple rapturous writer testimonials and design awards, you can be sure your book is in reliable hands. Xlibris is recognized as one of the best self-publishers on the web.

This self-publishing service is set by Ingram, the most successful and known distributor of print books in the whole world that also distributes e-books to every well-known online retailer. IngramSparks publish hardcover books and even suggest a premium level of printing, which is great for books that include a significant amount of pictures. The company also offers writers a book returns option.

This website is perfect for “indie writes.” This self-publisher is known for its non-conformity. Smash Words offers supporting and distributing e-books of beginning authors using all the right channels. For the first sight, the company may look quirky, but they are not afraid to take risks, and this is probably the key to their success.

Owned by Amazon, this company is loved by first-time, budget-conscious writers. It gives the opportunity to e-publish and publishes in print without payment. However, the author has to do all the editing and formatting work himself/herself. There is also a small catch: if you want to sell to such outlets as Barnes & Noble, you will have to pay a small fee. But you still have an ability to sell your book on the hugest book retailer for free.

Some authors develop all the aspects of their new books themselves, while others require professional help. When you choose this company, you can develop your book’s most important parts, but you can also use the help of editors, graphic designers, and other specialists. There is a team of professionals behind this website who can make your book an actual artwork of your dreams.

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