How to become a movie critic?

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If you one of those who have strong opinions about movies, advanced analytical thinking, and the ability to express your thoughts in a written form, you have all the chances to become a good movie critic. Having the power to make or break a movie, your mission will be to help others figure out which content is worthy of their attention. Done well, this job can bring your unexpectedly high income, depending on your skills and luck.

How to become a film critic?

Criticism is an undeniable part of the film industry. Originally, knowing how to be a film critic, you had to reside somewhere in Los Angeles or New York. Today, you don’t necessarily have to live in one of those cities to pursue a career as a professional critic, because you are free to work as a freelancer. There are lots of print media and online resources that employ critics who work remotely.

Before you start earning large sums of money, you will have to pass an uneasy way. Generally, the major working routine of a movie critic is based on watching movies and writing about them. Success in this career depends on the advanced skill to create sharp but objective articles that would be interesting to readers. While you will be trying to make a name for yourself, you may have to get your reviews posted on social media or on your own online platform. At this point, you have all the freedom to choose the movies for review, a number of posts to be made, as well as the channels for popularizing your content. While an average movie review contains up to 1,000 words, most of the time you will spend by clearing up the already written content.

While pursuing a career as a movie critic, there is no clear path to success. To find an employer that pays you for writing reviews about movie, you have to be able to demonstrate that you have enough competence and talent to analyze movies and create funny and engaging or serious and even cynical reviews that people would enjoy reading. Be ready that it might take much time for you to reach all that. As long as there are no clear guidelines on how to be a movie critic, you can at least take a look at some basic steps you will have to take.

How to pursue movie critic jobs?

Step 1: Obtain a Bachelor's Degree

Even though there are no clear requirements for becoming a movie critic, it wouldn’t hurt to obtain a bachelor's degree in linguistics, journalism, filmmaking, or any other related field of study. You can start gaining some useful experience while being in college. For instance, you can start writing articles for the college newspaper or web site. Also, there are some attractive internship programs with local enterprises that provide insights into the work in a reporting environment or even the opportunity to learn from professional critics.

Step 2: Become a Real Movie Fan

To review movies efficiently, you have to know the in-depths of cinematography. To become a film critic, you must be familiar with different directors and aesthetic nuances in art management, cinematography, scriptwriting, and even musical background. The better you learn a movie, the more resources you have for comparing and contrasting the works of different film styles and techniques.

Step 3: Start Entry-Level Job

Just after obtaining a degree, you can apply for entry-level jobs at print or online publication enterprises. Even though an initial position won't involve critiquing experience, you will gain a better understanding of how the whole process goes and what opportunities you might have in the future. You will develop your writing competence by becoming a part of this environment. Pop up at the movie premiere parties, attend the big screening festivals, get acquainted with people of this industry, and create a network of useful contacts. The main point is to learn who manages the major art house theaters, centers of cinematography, or film festivals. This experience will provide you with the most essential resources for boosting creativity.

Step 4: Create Individual Writing Approach

At the beginning of your career as a movie critic, you shouldn’t just focus on the movies and moviemakers you find good. This logic won’t take you anywhere. You should review movies of different genres, styles, and techniques. In this case, you have to be a good interviewer and a good reporter, analyzing every story from different angles. To increase your competence, feel free to discuss movies with people outside the cinematography; they might give you interesting hints on the storylines.

When it comes to the structural organization of your review, think of catchy headlines, create an intriguing thesis statement, discuss reasonable arguments, and generate a final verdict. The only thing you should worry about is a poorly written and boring overview.

Step 5: Establish Your Reputation

The more and better movie critiques you generate, the more recognition your work gains. Your reputation will be determined by your work productivity, leading to a well-paid movie critic employment. Many people do trust movie critiques they see in print media or social networks, so this is where you should pay more attention to. Also, think of creating your own blog or website, where you would share all your reviews and even short opinions about the recently watched movies. All these things will make your audience come back to your over and over again for a new piece of critique.

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