8 decor ideas to jazz up your college bedroom

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You can complain about the dull times in college, but there is a way to make your life brighter, and today we are starting with the décor.

Photos. You can make your dorm wall a shining place by covering it with photos. Choose pics that evoke positive feelings and add a little imagination to your everyday routine. Fairy lights are also welcome as long as you want to produce an impression on your mates and be the one with the coziest corner. There are no false moves when it comes to decorating.

Tapestry. You will probably agree if we say your residence advisor isn’t a fan of Dulux and paint. Luckily, there is a solution: you can attach tapestry to hide the uneven ornament or wallpaper. It won’t be that costly, and it will definitely give room for imagination. Moreover, you will add a splash of color, so necessary for the dorm, and won’t spend a lot.

Printer. If you are on a budget and cannot afford colorful print, don’t worry, we’ve got an idea that is going to turn your dorm upside down, in a good sense. Make use of that monochrome wall with the retro-styled paintings and pics, and add a 1920s vibe with the Fitzgerald quotes and movie stills. You can also attach Tumblr art – there are many cool reproductions that can help with the collage.

Fairy lights. Your corner seems a little bit dull and lacking in color? Put a splash here and there with the fairy strings and décor equipment. It is a great solution for secluded spaces and stuffed university halls where you are obliged to spend the majority of Christmas time if you are all into tests. Here is the deal: find as much as you can and hang your favorite photos from the leads. The effect will be amazing!

Photo combination. If modesty is not in your line, add even more creativity with the fairy lights. Use a photo compilation to commemorate the best moments of your university life and invite friends with pizza. The more buzz you can get with your dorm room, the better – now, they can organize a school tour to show people around your place! Also, if you are a liberal arts major, you’ll love the decoration process more.

Washi tape. Cannot dare to bother your resident advisor with the tools? We advise you to buy washi tape for your room! It is a thin decorating material used to create various shapes and letters and is fully applicable to the dorm wall. On the plus side, it comes in billions of colors and shades. You can also use the washi tape if you want to leave a message for your roommates, like “I’m going to be late” or “Don’t forget about the test”.

Pillows and cushions. If you are not used to taking a nap in the afternoon, turn your room into a midnight gossip place. Whenever you have time, call your buddies to come share that special dorm moment when you have nothing on schedule tomorrow and can spend hours socializing and passing good news. Piling up pillows is an option when you don’t want to sleep and yet love to get comfortable.

Statement hall. Create a cozy place with your favorite photographs, sayings and quotations. Of course, you have to spend time to choose the coolest mix, but it is definitely going to work if you are determined and goal oriented. The statement theme may vary depending on your sphere of interest and be as colorful as you like it!

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